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Messing Around.

I have my friend with me, (HI) and we have just watched my obsession. AKA TWILIGHT. Yes okay, I am a twihard got a problem? no didn't think so. Anyways I'm just a tad hyper (no kidding).
So yea, I am hyper, and I got a new cellphone well new to me. It's got a camera but the only bad thing about it is that it doesn't keep a charge very well.

So yes that is my little update.

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At 12:14 last night...

At 12:14 am last night I accomplished my goal...I have finished Nocturnal. At least the first draft of it. And I have decided that I will not split it into two parts simply just start a new chapter or write more chapters to fit in to that gap.

Anyways I am quiet pleased with how Nocturnal turned out,

Although the ending is possibly the saddest thing I have ever written, I know the story had to end this way but it still brought me to tears writing it.

So today I start the rewriting the editing stage.
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And The Race Begins!

And so it starts. I have committed my self to finished off Nocturnal during march break, and well technically march break started off yesterday at two thirty when I got out of school, but yesterday I do not count. So starting right now I am going to work on finishing Nocturnal and hopefull in the next...eight/nine days I will be finished writing Nocturnal and hopefully on my way to editing and rewriting (I have already started rewriting the first part of Nocturnal...SO MANY FLAWS @_@ -sigh-) but oh well. Anyways this means that I am on a very strick sceduel unfortunatly I have to find time to write and clean and fit in friends if they pop around during march break and possible write off a day when friends come over(depending if our sceduels).

off to write..
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A Bit of a philosophy question

Now I have been pondering and actually I was speaking to my mom about this, and it is a bit of a philospphical question.
I was talking about mythologists and how it seems to be like the hidden career that you can find everything and nothing about, but anyways I was talking about the mythology part. And one of the things I want to do is prove some of the myths, like the myth of Zeus, Jupiter, Ala, and I guess God kind of fits into that too, all of them are supreme beings but to have every culture have some supreme being which all hold something in common is a little bit odd, so their must be some truth behind it, somebody did not just sit and think up this supreme ruler and spread it through rumors, they has to be some amount of truth to it.

So I'm going to open this up to the floor and I want to know what you think about it? Do you think that there is some truth behind myths? explain.
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Some Random Rambolings

I have possibly had the most exciting thing happen to be last night before I went to bed. Currently I am writing two stories, well thats a bit of an understandment considering I have about five or six on the go but anyways I have two that I am writing in right now, and the plot is coming quiet easily for the moment (and I've probably just jinxed that). Anyways on to my point, both of my stories seem to be connected by one similiarity my protagonists share and I've been trying to figure out how to link them, so they could either become a companion novel or a sequel/prequel and AHHA I have figured out how to link them.

Now I have been mulling over how to link them together for a few days and when I was doing nothing writing related at all, I was watching tv I believe with my mom it hit me. Like BANG thats how it works, thats how they can be connected!

So yes now I am quiet proud of myself, even though I have this aweful cold I am proud about one thing. Now all I have to do it is finish one of them and keep writing the other roughly at the same time so they stay connected. So I am feeling quiet excited at the moment.
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Just a short note

So this is just a short note for now, about my recommended reading list that I put up previously, I haven't gotten a chance to edit it yet, but I have a few more books that need to be added.

Graceling-Kristin Cashore
The House of Night novels-PC Cast and Kristin Cast.

If I think of anymore I'll post them right up here.
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wow I have not written in a while

Like the title says I have not written a while, well a lot of stuff has happened, christmas, feeder schools, school, exams, writing lots of writing, fun stuff and I've been away at my uncles house for a while too.
But I wont go into that stuff.
Since I last posted I have started another story, now I am still working my my werewolf one but this one grabbed me by surprise it is extremely dark something I wouldn't have thought to write before, but lastly my personality has changed, I don't think I've actually been in a good mood for quiet some time, I've been stressed and with stress come a very not happy me.

I don't know why but it has been very hard to be in a good mood for sometime, but  thats besides the point, this new story that I am writing I don't know why it's so different but its amazing, it's amazingly different like I said I have never written anything so dark and pessimistic and...violent ever, it's kind of refreshing and at the same time I am amazing myself that I can write this.

I think I might have a chance if I keep persisting and write this one out that it might be the one that either an agent or a publisher picks. I have faith in this one.
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A weeks worth

Its about time I get writing this, I've been sitting here at my computer since tuesday wanting to type this up but homework has not allowed me this. Right now I am swamped with essays, and they are not fun, and I have to write a music composition with is fun but it takes a while. Anyways on to my major point here.

It's amazing that a few words can make someone so happy, in this case that someone was me. An old friend of mine from public school, one of my best friend, was sitting with my other best friend and another friend, we were at Hart House, to watch a performance of Hamlet. And during the intermission, when Christopher skillfully got up to tease me about the space I had to stretch my legs, my old friend calls to me "Ashley wanna seat?" He asked smiling because the seat was Chris's. Of course I nodded and he replied "Come on then" And so I had to race Chris to the seat which I lost, because he was already there by the time I would have gotten up. But those few words that this old friend said to me made me so happy I couldn't help smiling when I turned away from them, you see me and this old friend who is still one of my best friends were just not quiet as close anymore, had pretty much stopped talking to each other, and those were the first words that he had said to me since the start of school. They made me so happy, so I hope now we can keep talking perhaps using a few more words in the mix.^_^

Yesterday in music, I was praised for my flute playing, which was nice and like never happens. There were only two flutes out of the four of us in class, it was me and our lead flute in the school band(which I am in) and our flutes were perfectly in tune with each other, and for those of you non flute players out there, that like never happens without like five or more minutes of tuning. And apparently I was louder than usual that day, it made our flute section even with the two of us sound strong, it was fun. And it sounded really nice in the two overtures we played (Wicked and Northwest Suite).

So amist the homework I've had and I do have, I managed to get up to chapter seven of my werewolf story typed up, which is an accomplishment for me, although I'm not happy with the page count but at least it's not nothing. I am pleased with the way my werewolf story is turning out, and my hunt for agents goes on.
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For the first time in a few years snow has actually made me happy, before its just like 'grr stupid canadian whitestuf' and now I'm like really really happy and super inspired at the moment.
This is like a breakthrough because for the past two weeks I have not been....well I have not been happy and I have not been myself, last week I think I tried to hide it pretty well but this week I've pretty much given up on hiding it and I go around being my quiet writer nose in a book pen in hand grouchy self. But then it started snowing, well it was snowing all night and this morning but its really affected me now and I dont know why. I caught now flakes on my tongue with my friend Jordi while walking home from the bus stop and now I am like super happy. On the bus all I did was write because and this is going to sound really weird but the snow wanted me to write, it was like yelling at me get you butt moving girl and get writing!
It was awesome, and I love the snow right now, ask me in about three days and I'll most likely hate it but today for some weird and off chance I love the snow, and it has actually made me genuinely happy!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow! (I'm probably going to regret saying that in a few days) lol.
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Weird Brass Instruments

I have come to the conclusion that brass instruments mainly the Baritone are weird to play, you're lips get all buzzy and feel really weird afterwards.
Why did I say this you may ask? Well in music class we were doing an instrument switch, I am usually a flute player, and I ended up getting matched up to switch with our Baritone player, so he plays my flute and I play his baritone. And in someways Baritone is easier then flute I think but hitting the right buz on the other hand thats not the easiest thing in the world.
So yes, that is my little musical update thingy.
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