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Returning from the Piles of Homework and Editing papers.

Well I haven't posted for the past few days to I believe that I am due for a post right now.

So on my reading list right now is

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar

And a bit more about me:
 Since I was young I told stories virbally, and when I could write I started writing down these stories of mine.
My first finished Novella was when I was in grade three, it never got published and I never intended it to get published and I probably never will( mostly because I can't read my writing) but ever since I was young I have been writing and it's become part of me. It's always been part of me. My dream is to become a published author to get at least one of my stories out there for others to read. Although when I write them I write them for myself. I may be young but I know what I want I've always known it and just because of my age doesn't mean that I am not a good writer.

I love to have fun and hang out with my friends, I have a very close group and I'm lucky to have them. I love spending time with my family who I am also very lucky to have so close to me.

So there thats a bit more into my life for now.

As for my writing status,

I am currently editing, its probably what I find the hardest about the whole process, but I truly believe in my novel.

So Currently in my life

I have been swamped with homework for the past few weeks which is one of the reasons why I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to ^_^. But I'm managing.
Went to music camp last weekend, it was pretty awesome a lot of fun, a lot of playing music, and not a lot of time to write which kinda sucked but thats okay ^_^
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