October 9th, 2008

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Can't come up with anything fancy

        Yes it's already dropping to like zero at night, and I know Canadians shouldn't be complaining about the cold but when it's been pretty hot up until now the change in temperature totally threw me off. Now it's like shivering at the bus stop.

Life is hectic or at least the past week or so it has been, now everything is winding down. Hooray! So now I can get back to writing and *gasp* editing. as it is badly needed. *sigh* editing is my worst enemy, which is why its taking me so long to edit. @_@

Good thing for family and friends who had offered to help with that, and help reviewing. So far Gate's gotten pretty good reviews and it's sort of just hitting me that 'Hey maybe this is good enough to get published" But alas thats a dream and I know how many rejection letters authors get and I am totally prepared for them, at least I think I am can you really be prepared for rejection of the book you took time to write? I don't know. Do you?

Any suggestions on how to make the editing process less well, less of something to dread?

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