awriter12 (awriter12) wrote,

Geez Posting Backlog much,

 Yup I have not posted in a while, and well it's not that I haven't been online its just the fact that I dont have time to type out an entry. Well right now I do have the time and thus I shall put in an entry. Makes sense to me.

So with the writing life, well today I was watching book tv, has some usefull shows on it, there wasn't much on today...anyways thats not the point. I have started at least two maybe three stories in the past month, now I stuck to one of them and I was writing and writing and I've got a good number of pages to start, but now I set that one down because I had another idea.
I was just about to drift off to sleep and BANG it hit me, random inspiration for a random plot thing that I was writing in my head that night. So I wrote it down because quiet frankly it was screaming "WRITE ME DOWN NOW!" and it was rather scary if I might say so my self. lol. I'm sounded all offical now, ha. Anyways so I wrote it down, and that was on tuesday night I believe and I've kept writing it having taken a break from my other one. It's alright, the people I've had read it say it's good for just starting out.
So I might just stick with this one for a little while, but at the moment I am stuck writing it in a tweety and Selvester notebook, which I've had for years and never used up till this point. Oh Well.
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