awriter12 (awriter12) wrote,

Twilight Fever-Yes I am a dork

So I'm a major and I mean major twilight fan, I will go as far as to call myself a Twi-hard. Yes thats right. And the movie came out in my area last night, our theatre was packed! I mean twilight is like sold out for the next few shows. People were waiting out side!

There were screams and gasps and Aww's and lots of swooning and it was just awesome, mind you I was also taking part in the screaming, swooning and gasps and aww's. Although the movie is not as good as the book, I think its as close as they could have gotten it in that two hours and two minutes. The casting for it was excelent, I think. Even after the movie ended there was screaming and jumping and lots of Oh my god and Oh my gosh and Oh my everything else you can think of. A group of friends and I were squeeling and screaming outside the theatre and yelling and it was just awesome. I know I'm a bit of a dork, but I don't really care it was fun and thats what matters.
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