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A weeks worth

Its about time I get writing this, I've been sitting here at my computer since tuesday wanting to type this up but homework has not allowed me this. Right now I am swamped with essays, and they are not fun, and I have to write a music composition with is fun but it takes a while. Anyways on to my major point here.

It's amazing that a few words can make someone so happy, in this case that someone was me. An old friend of mine from public school, one of my best friend, was sitting with my other best friend and another friend, we were at Hart House, to watch a performance of Hamlet. And during the intermission, when Christopher skillfully got up to tease me about the space I had to stretch my legs, my old friend calls to me "Ashley wanna seat?" He asked smiling because the seat was Chris's. Of course I nodded and he replied "Come on then" And so I had to race Chris to the seat which I lost, because he was already there by the time I would have gotten up. But those few words that this old friend said to me made me so happy I couldn't help smiling when I turned away from them, you see me and this old friend who is still one of my best friends were just not quiet as close anymore, had pretty much stopped talking to each other, and those were the first words that he had said to me since the start of school. They made me so happy, so I hope now we can keep talking perhaps using a few more words in the mix.^_^

Yesterday in music, I was praised for my flute playing, which was nice and like never happens. There were only two flutes out of the four of us in class, it was me and our lead flute in the school band(which I am in) and our flutes were perfectly in tune with each other, and for those of you non flute players out there, that like never happens without like five or more minutes of tuning. And apparently I was louder than usual that day, it made our flute section even with the two of us sound strong, it was fun. And it sounded really nice in the two overtures we played (Wicked and Northwest Suite).

So amist the homework I've had and I do have, I managed to get up to chapter seven of my werewolf story typed up, which is an accomplishment for me, although I'm not happy with the page count but at least it's not nothing. I am pleased with the way my werewolf story is turning out, and my hunt for agents goes on.
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