awriter12 (awriter12) wrote,

wow I have not written in a while

Like the title says I have not written a while, well a lot of stuff has happened, christmas, feeder schools, school, exams, writing lots of writing, fun stuff and I've been away at my uncles house for a while too.
But I wont go into that stuff.
Since I last posted I have started another story, now I am still working my my werewolf one but this one grabbed me by surprise it is extremely dark something I wouldn't have thought to write before, but lastly my personality has changed, I don't think I've actually been in a good mood for quiet some time, I've been stressed and with stress come a very not happy me.

I don't know why but it has been very hard to be in a good mood for sometime, but  thats besides the point, this new story that I am writing I don't know why it's so different but its amazing, it's amazingly different like I said I have never written anything so dark and pessimistic and...violent ever, it's kind of refreshing and at the same time I am amazing myself that I can write this.

I think I might have a chance if I keep persisting and write this one out that it might be the one that either an agent or a publisher picks. I have faith in this one.
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