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Some Random Rambolings

I have possibly had the most exciting thing happen to be last night before I went to bed. Currently I am writing two stories, well thats a bit of an understandment considering I have about five or six on the go but anyways I have two that I am writing in right now, and the plot is coming quiet easily for the moment (and I've probably just jinxed that). Anyways on to my point, both of my stories seem to be connected by one similiarity my protagonists share and I've been trying to figure out how to link them, so they could either become a companion novel or a sequel/prequel and AHHA I have figured out how to link them.

Now I have been mulling over how to link them together for a few days and when I was doing nothing writing related at all, I was watching tv I believe with my mom it hit me. Like BANG thats how it works, thats how they can be connected!

So yes now I am quiet proud of myself, even though I have this aweful cold I am proud about one thing. Now all I have to do it is finish one of them and keep writing the other roughly at the same time so they stay connected. So I am feeling quiet excited at the moment.
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