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Short Introduction

    Welcome to my blog/journal my name is Ashley and this is where I shall share my thoughts on writing or about writing or add in a bit of my own stuff here and there. I might review some books, and I might put up some lists of books that I recommend or that I truly love(which I guess if you think about it is recommending room).
      So if theres a bit about me that you need to know or that you should know or if you wish to know, is that I am an aspiring writer, I am preparing one manuscript at the moment to send off to an agent. I love writing and I have written stories from a young age, I have a few done, but only one of them is getting ready to be sent off. The editing stage is probably the longest stage at least thats what I find, since editing really isn't my forte. But I have to do it to get my dream right? Thus I'll work on it with all the time I have.
    This is my short introduction and I know it is actually very short usually a write much longer than this, but there are days that I'm just all written out, between school and homework I always find a way to read and write and you should too.

This is it for me for now,

         Remember. Keep Reading!
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