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Twilight Fever-Yes I am a dork

So I'm a major and I mean major twilight fan, I will go as far as to call myself a Twi-hard. Yes thats right. And the movie came out in my area last night, our theatre was packed! I mean twilight is like sold out for the next few shows. People were waiting out side!

There were screams and gasps and Aww's and lots of swooning and it was just awesome, mind you I was also taking part in the screaming, swooning and gasps and aww's. Although the movie is not as good as the book, I think its as close as they could have gotten it in that two hours and two minutes. The casting for it was excelent, I think. Even after the movie ended there was screaming and jumping and lots of Oh my god and Oh my gosh and Oh my everything else you can think of. A group of friends and I were squeeling and screaming outside the theatre and yelling and it was just awesome. I know I'm a bit of a dork, but I don't really care it was fun and thats what matters.
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Geez Posting Backlog much,

 Yup I have not posted in a while, and well it's not that I haven't been online its just the fact that I dont have time to type out an entry. Well right now I do have the time and thus I shall put in an entry. Makes sense to me.

So with the writing life, well today I was watching book tv, has some usefull shows on it, there wasn't much on today...anyways thats not the point. I have started at least two maybe three stories in the past month, now I stuck to one of them and I was writing and writing and I've got a good number of pages to start, but now I set that one down because I had another idea.
I was just about to drift off to sleep and BANG it hit me, random inspiration for a random plot thing that I was writing in my head that night. So I wrote it down because quiet frankly it was screaming "WRITE ME DOWN NOW!" and it was rather scary if I might say so my self. lol. I'm sounded all offical now, ha. Anyways so I wrote it down, and that was on tuesday night I believe and I've kept writing it having taken a break from my other one. It's alright, the people I've had read it say it's good for just starting out.
So I might just stick with this one for a little while, but at the moment I am stuck writing it in a tweety and Selvester notebook, which I've had for years and never used up till this point. Oh Well.
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author inpirtation attempt

This is my lovely attempt at starting up a discusion, which since I'm guessing no one had favourited me, is going to be a very short discusion. None the less I shall post this anyways just in case some little gnome be passing by.

Authors that inspired me throught the years
J.K. Rowling
RObert Munch(when I was little)
Stephenie Meyer
Nancy Springer
The lovely author who writes the Dragon Kyn chronicals who's name I can't remember at the moment.
Melissa Mar (Although I only just finished reading Wicked Lovely, which by the way is totally awsome!)

What authors inspire you to write? Or draw or what ever you do that makes you feel like you.
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Can't come up with anything fancy

        Yes it's already dropping to like zero at night, and I know Canadians shouldn't be complaining about the cold but when it's been pretty hot up until now the change in temperature totally threw me off. Now it's like shivering at the bus stop.

Life is hectic or at least the past week or so it has been, now everything is winding down. Hooray! So now I can get back to writing and *gasp* editing. as it is badly needed. *sigh* editing is my worst enemy, which is why its taking me so long to edit. @_@

Good thing for family and friends who had offered to help with that, and help reviewing. So far Gate's gotten pretty good reviews and it's sort of just hitting me that 'Hey maybe this is good enough to get published" But alas thats a dream and I know how many rejection letters authors get and I am totally prepared for them, at least I think I am can you really be prepared for rejection of the book you took time to write? I don't know. Do you?

Any suggestions on how to make the editing process less well, less of something to dread?

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More From The Talking Desk Piles

Ah, this week seems endless. Thank goodness its almost Friday. Then I can catch up on my writing, and do my projects before they are due and prepare for that music play test I'll be having on Tuesday.

So last night, I started this lovely little urban fantasy piece, I quiet like it. I think I'll keep on working on it. ^_^

Sadly I don't have much to say today, I haven't gotten much farther on my task of editing my novel lately, but I'm still working on it. I've recruited a few close family members who have volunteered to help me out with at spell checking part at least. Which is always good. Help is very much welcome especially when school is breathing down my neck.

So Thats it from me for now,


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Returning from the Piles of Homework and Editing papers.

Well I haven't posted for the past few days to I believe that I am due for a post right now.

So on my reading list right now is

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar

And a bit more about me:
 Since I was young I told stories virbally, and when I could write I started writing down these stories of mine.
My first finished Novella was when I was in grade three, it never got published and I never intended it to get published and I probably never will( mostly because I can't read my writing) but ever since I was young I have been writing and it's become part of me. It's always been part of me. My dream is to become a published author to get at least one of my stories out there for others to read. Although when I write them I write them for myself. I may be young but I know what I want I've always known it and just because of my age doesn't mean that I am not a good writer.

I love to have fun and hang out with my friends, I have a very close group and I'm lucky to have them. I love spending time with my family who I am also very lucky to have so close to me.

So there thats a bit more into my life for now.

As for my writing status,

I am currently editing, its probably what I find the hardest about the whole process, but I truly believe in my novel.

So Currently in my life

I have been swamped with homework for the past few weeks which is one of the reasons why I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to ^_^. But I'm managing.
Went to music camp last weekend, it was pretty awesome a lot of fun, a lot of playing music, and not a lot of time to write which kinda sucked but thats okay ^_^
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Recommened reading

         My most favorite books that I recommend to anyone who's looking for a good book to read. These are listed in no particular order.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Eragon By Christopher Paolini
Eldest by Christopher Paolini
The Naming by Alison Croggon
Rowan Hood by Nancy Springer
Lionclaw by Nancy Springer
Ingo by Helen Dunmore
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix
Harry Potter and he Chamber of Secrets
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
The Dragon Chronicles Flight of the Dragon Kyn by Susan Fletcher (I have read this book so many times over the years since I picked it up that it's pretty well taped together)
The Host by Stephenie Meyer

So that is the list of books that I highly recommend for anyone looking for something to read. I found that all of them took me into their own time and their own reality while I was reading them. Most of them are fantasy I realize this, but each one of them have their own draw to them that the Authors have put in. I would recommend these books to anyone, they are such great books well written.

next books for me to read

Wicked Lovely-Melissa Mar
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Short Introduction

    Welcome to my blog/journal my name is Ashley and this is where I shall share my thoughts on writing or about writing or add in a bit of my own stuff here and there. I might review some books, and I might put up some lists of books that I recommend or that I truly love(which I guess if you think about it is recommending room).
      So if theres a bit about me that you need to know or that you should know or if you wish to know, is that I am an aspiring writer, I am preparing one manuscript at the moment to send off to an agent. I love writing and I have written stories from a young age, I have a few done, but only one of them is getting ready to be sent off. The editing stage is probably the longest stage at least thats what I find, since editing really isn't my forte. But I have to do it to get my dream right? Thus I'll work on it with all the time I have.
    This is my short introduction and I know it is actually very short usually a write much longer than this, but there are days that I'm just all written out, between school and homework I always find a way to read and write and you should too.

This is it for me for now,

         Remember. Keep Reading!